The Scotland Scholarship in Action

Ali Khan moved to Scotland from Lahore in 2010. After gaining permanent residency, he resumed his studies, choosing the University of Edinburgh’s Chemical Engineering course. Ali has been supported by the Scotland Scholarship. Here, he explains what that has meant to him.

Student Ali Khan
Ali Khan

“When I applied to the University, I didn’t know how much funding I’d receive to keep me here,” he said. “My parents can’t provide financial support, so the Scotland Scholarship, as well as my student bursary, have relieved a lot of strain. I’ve never had to worry about pursuing any of the opportunities the university has offered.

“Right now, for example, I’m doing an internship in London. I’ve found places to stay with friends and so on, so the costs haven’t been too high. But I wouldn’t have been able to take it on with Confidence without the financial support that I have.

“I can plan ahead and budget properly. I pay my rent in advance. I bought a bike to keep travel costs down. I’ve bought some books, of course, but share a lot with my flatmate. I’ve been able to attend events, like my Royal Academy of Engineering shortlisting, without worrying about how to finance them.

I can’t tell you how much that means. You can’t quantify the relief you experience knowing that you don’t have to think about financial constraints. I’ve been able to focus on my studies, which has given me a lot of success. That’s priceless.

Ali Khan

“Alumni donations have helped to make my university career possible. Their collective contributions support the scholarship, and that’s life-changing. I’m so grateful. I would never have been able to succeed as I have done without the financial support they made possible.”

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