WATCH: Two way street

The Alumni Insights programme pairs alumni with undergraduate students as they take their first steps into work experience and start planning their careers. Alumna Briana Pegado and student Blair Rankine are two of the participants - they spoke with Edinburgh Friends about their experience.


Inspiring insights

The University is proud of the strong links it maintains with its alumni – and rightly so. Their contributions – financial or otherwise – help support work that nurtures and develops the new talent that comes to study with us every year. Our Insights programme is open to students who have already overcome financial and social barriers to access a University education. It gives them the opportunity to benefit from alumni knowledge and experience. It's also fully funded to allow as many students as possible to participate.

Global and local

Covering London, Brussels,New York, Washington and Toronto so far, the global strand of the programme sends small groups of students to meet with alumni groups in their professional environments and business locations. Locally, the programme offers two to five-day experiences across central Scotland. Both help highlight the opportunities and career option open to graduates, and provide invaluable experience and insights into what to expect from the world of work. Networking and new perspectives Insights experiences not only help launch and support careers, they also create connections with new talent. Alumni perspective is invaluable to the students taking part, but their perspectives on life and work offer a fresh look at how things are done – and that’s a valuable insight too. If you think you can offer inspiration and support to a young person just starting their professional career, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line at

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