2018 - Issue 10

The 2018 edition of the Edinburgh Friends magazine.

Chris Cox, Vice-Principal Philanthropy, welcomes you to this issue of Edinburgh Friends.

Our review of the past academic year, showcasing projects that have been funded by the philanthropic support of individuals and organisations.

The Edinburgh Futures Institute is where the University’s world-class interdisciplinary expertise in social and data science, the arts, and humanities meets the external organisations that are tackling society’s most pressing need.

A decade in the making, the newly unveiled Bayes Centre is set to lead the way in creating digital solutions to societal challenges.

A new Centre for Sustainable Forests and Landscapes at the School of Geosciences is set to promote and support ground-breaking studies into changing ecosystems around the world, including a major study of the impact of reduced woodlands on people in poverty in rural Mozambique. The Centre’s establishment underlines the University’s commitment to tackling some of the 21st century’s most pressing issues.

Our outreach and support programmes are giving young people who may think university education is outwith their reach an insight into the possibilities open to them.