A Vision in Innovation

A fund that supports the innovative endeavours of engineering students is seeing the fruits of its support. Here the students reveal what the funding means to them.

Edinburgh University Formula Student

The VisionEngineering Fund was launched last year with the aim of providing funds for material, equipment or travel to bridge the gap between exciting student project concepts and their delivery.


An appeal to alumni and supporters was made, eliciting a very positive response: over £13,542 has been raised so far and several student projects have taken off thanks to these valuable funds.

Participation in worldwide competitions, access to international expertise, and vital proof-of-concept for budding entrepreneurs have all been realised by groups of determined engineering students whose innovative ideas have the potential to impact and accelerate engineering and the future of its study.

The students

The following three videos have been made by students involved in projects supported by the VisionEngineering Fund. Watch as they explain their concepts and tell us how the funding has supported their work.



HypED website

Edinburgh University Formula Student


Edinburgh University Formula Student website

Project InnSpace


 Project InnSpace website

The projects supported by VisionEngineering represent some of our most exciting and innovative student developments. The fund enables students to transform their classroom knowledge into practical and real-life problem-solving, as well as helping them develop their skills and enthusiasm for engineering.

The impact of the fund has already been felt by the student projects in the purchase of materials and supplies, but has also positively contributed to the wider goal of fostering and enabling new engineering talent.

Professor Hugh McCann
Head of the School of Engineering

The VisionEngineering Fund